Friday, March 16, 2012

Fuerza Bruta in Manila

If you want something out of the ordinary, like a 'play' with no dialogue, no seats, no stage, very interactive, and a possibility that you will get wet by fake rainwater while watching, then Fuerza Bruta is for you.

Fuerza Bruta's literal translation is 'brute force'...I will leave it up to you to interpret the show in your own way, but for me, it was about the struggles that a man faces in his life.

Got to watch with my Gang sisters, Dr. A and Dr. N, and who would have thought that over the years, it was us three very athletic and sporty among our barkada would be the ones more inclined to watch shows such as these.  We're already planning on catching the next Cirque production coming this August ;)  The show was held in the Manila Hotel Tent, and your ticket, priced at P 2,500.00 entitiles you to two (2) drinks at the lounge.  And what a nice lounge it was!

Service staff were from Manila Hotel, so they were really on top of their game.  Loved the great service!

You are allowed to take photos and videos inside but don't be too engrossed in taking too much photos so you won't be distracted since the show was such a visual treat as well.

The man walking through life... 

 Yup, that's a pool which goes up and down, and which you can touch but only with your palms.  Fuerza Bruta production staff go around to guide you where you are supposed to go.

If you are a club goer, then you will definitely love this, since there's a lot of dancing and great club music.  It's as if you go partying at a club and there's a show you can watch at the same time.  There were patrons who brought kids, but in my opinion, this particular show and it's theme is not really for them babies ;) 

Overall, it was a different experience, we absolutely loved the concept, but we thought the rate was a bit too steep for a 60 minute show. 

But right after the show though, you are encouraged to go back to the lounge and party the night away!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

US 2009 Las Vegas

My sister J really wanted us to go to Las Vegas for this trip, and so we did!  Had a great time just walking and walking, didn't really want to play in the casinos but we did try our luck at the slot machines.  J almost became a millionaire hahaha!

That's the Palazzo behind us

Waterfalls at the Palazzo

Virtually daytime all the time inside The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace

My beautiful sister excited to eat!  That's our margarita tower on the right side in the tall red flask :)

Pumpkins inside the Bellagio, couldn't wait to get to the fountains outside.

The Bellagio's beautiful glass leaves and flowers on the ceiling.

Finally the fountain!  It was something that almost moved me to tears, it was majestic.  The fountains were dancing to Con Te Partiro by Bocelli so imagine how dramatic it was.  This was my favorite part of Vegas (the outlet mall only comes in second hehe), something my sister and I decided to call 'our spot' :)

 Our picture made into a charm from the Medal Master at the Circus Circus Hotel

 If only the arrows reached the top! J would have been a millionaire hahaha!

 Mandalay Bay was massive! (Well all hotels on the Strip were hehehe)

 Going to ride that roller coaster at the New York New York hotel!

 Poster of the fight in the MGM Grand Hotel!

 All the M&M colors!

The church near our hotel, one of our last stops before we left Vegas :)  What a wonderful blessing it was :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

US 2009 Reno

Then off to Reno where the Hub's sisters live, it was a four hour drive from San Francisco.

Up going to the mountains 

 Snow on the tree tops, we were probably in the area of Truckee, CA

 Then a LOT of snow all of a sudden :D

 Downtown Reno

Whole Foods!  

 Had to have my picture taken with all these pumpkins, Halloween was just a week away...

 Uber fresh raspberries from Whole Foods, great with yougurt too!!

Taken on the way home to SF, Vacaville where we did some outlet shopping :)

US 2009 SF

This is a missing my preggo sister post :)  She's due this June :D

Waaaay back in 2009, Hub and I had the chance of booking online promo PAL tickets to San Francisco.  We'd been trying for two days and yay thank you Lord we go through with just about 3 hours left in the promo period. 

Off the Hub and I went, while A who was just a toddler, stayed with Lolo and Lola for the duration of our two week vacation.  It was going to be the first time that we'll be travelling without A for this long, as we had a quick trip to HK when she was a year old.

PAL has non stop flights to the US, so in 13 hours, I was so ready to see my sister and her husband B.  Really got to sleep during the flight I remember, as the in flight movie devices weren;t working pffft. 

Touchdown San Francisco!!

From the airport, my sister J, and B brought us to Elephant Bar in Emeryville for dinner.  Guess what I ordered? My very first black and tan!  It's an alcoholic beverage, with two kinds of beers, a pale ale and dark stout, hence the name.

Posting some of my favorite photos from that trip:

First stop, San Francisco :D

Emeryville at night...

My sister J and kulit husband B :D

With our Tito and our wonderful cousins

 Super tourists at the Golden Gate Bridge heehee

Ikea at Emeryville!!

J and B's favorite Mexican restaurant in Alameda, Juanita's!

The Alameda Theater where we watched Paranormal Activity super creepy!

J and B's first house in Alameda, they rented a room here, this was a very historical house in Alameda, which belonged to B's bestfriend.  Alameda has such a beautiful neighborhood.

 This is the neighborhood where 'Charmed' the TV series were filmed. 

Another Pacquiao Nike billboard at SF Union Square!

 My sister and I at the Union Square :)

The bayside in Alameda, sooo beautiful, see you soon!! :D

Monday, March 5, 2012

There's a bug goin' around!

And our girls caught it :( Well, actually, all four of us did.

Started with S, then me, then A, then Hub, then S again (throwing up this time too).

As hard as I try, stress sometimes still gets the best of me. I try not to though, for my kids' sake.

Praying and hoping for their speedy recovery!