Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Been wanting to try this restaurant along White Plains ever since I saw it about a month and a half ago.  It's quite easy to miss since it blends so well with the establishments that sell plants and koi fish in the area.  Read quite a lot of good reviews about it too.

Persistence pays off! Hub and I had an impromptu date night last Saturday (teehee A didn't feel like going out, S had colds).  The place always seemed packed so I didn't take any chances and called to reserve a table.

The parking right in front of the restaurant will fit only about 6-8 cars, all the others had no choice but to park along White Plains Ave.  So THIS was the reason why there were always so many cars parked along that road.

A whiff of citronella will welcome you upon entering it's doors.  It suddenly brought me back to our hotel in Ayutthaya, Thailand when the Hub brought A and I along back in 2008.  For Hub and I, our dining experience in Ayutthaya was still incomparable to any Thai dining establishment here, and the food there was so affordable! :)

There seemed to be a minor confusion regarding our table, we weren't on the list, but the manager was quick to adjust.  He gave us a table inside the restaurant (the lady on the phone said we'd be seated outside), which was packed by the way.  The interiors of the restaurant was beautiful, albeit a bit cramped; it was designed to make you feel you were in an exotic location, in Thailand, I presume haha. 

Off to the food!  Our drinks came first, Hub had Thai Iced Tea --- MILK TEA, and I of course had white wine, which I assumed to be a riesling, perfect for spicy dishes.

 The food was served in traditional Thai dinnerware, from the soup to the noodles to the entrees.

We requested for the mild version of the Tom Yum, hence the missing red hue, but you can just ask for separate chili flakes if you want it spicier yummmm!

Phad Thai was pretty good but nothing spectacular, still worth ordering though.

And we absolutely loved the Chicken with Cashew.  Tender and moist chicken and the overall flavor was that of toasted sugar and chilies.  Wonderful!

Do visit them soon!

White Plains Ave cor Katipunan Ave
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 911-4158

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